EHR Corner

By Ryan Door, VP of Information Technology

As we move into the third quarter of year, many of you have made the successful transition to electronic documentation through our selected product Medaxion.  As of the end of June, we have had 82% of our MDs and 50% of our CRNAs use the electronic use in actual cases at St Thomas West, St Thomas Midtown, BASC, Baptist Surgicare, Rolling Hills and St Thomas Surgicare.  We are working diligently to complete our rollout to the remaining locations, including Centennial, Summit, Skyline, Horizon, Greenview and Williamson, and we are optimistic that we will be fully deployed by year-end.  As we begin providing care at Franklin Surgery Center in July, we will be using our electronic record starting day one.

What’s coming next…

A small group is testing the next version of Medaxion that will be pushed to your devices in late July/early August 2014 including several requested improvements to the product.  Upgrades include having running totals for meds and fluids visible on your charting screen, smoother transition for taking over a case from another provider, and improved user interface which reduces the number of “touches” required to document each case.  We continue to receive requests and implement changes to improve the application.  If you have suggestions, please send them to

EHR Tips


  1. Don’t assign other providers to a case.  Assign yourself and allow the other providers to take active roles on the case themselves.
  2. Your four-digit pin is the same for all locations.  To change locations, tap the @ symbol when logging into Medaxion.
  3. If you do not have a sedation time, you should not document a sedation action on the Events tab.
  4. Reminder: MD should be documenting PFI and PFE on the CRNA’s iPad in the OR.
  5. Quick Sets help speed up your documentation process for both the ‘Info’ and ‘Items’ tabs.
  6. If a patient is not on any medications or has no allergies, mark “NONE” for each of these sections rather than leaving them undocumented.