Here We Grow Again

The Team Expands

By Frederick Miller, CEO, PhyMed

During the second quarter PhyMed announced a new practice partnership.  Anesthesia Services of Middle Tennessee (ASMT) and their pain group Pain Management of Middle Tennessee (PMMT) headquartered in Clarksville TN are now officially members of the PhyMed Team.

ASMT/PMMT is a respected and well established practice in the Nashville MSA and contiguous markets, comprised of 55 employees (10 physicians, 24 CRNAs, 8 administrative staff, and 13 pain practice employees) providing services to 8 facilities in the Nashville, Lebanon, Smyrna, Clarksville and Hopkinsville, KY markets.  This partnership allows PhyMed to continue strategic expansion of integrated services, to partner with a like-minded practice, and create an alignment with our third national health system, Community Health Systems (CHS).


“PhyMed has a proven track record in Middle Tennessee, and we are excited that this partnership will allow us to focus on the provision of superior care and confident that the business side of our practice is in extremely capable and knowledgeable hands.”

– Dr. Barry Brasfield, President of ASMT/PMMT

New Service Opportunities

By Michael Morgan, Chief Business Development Officer

When I first joined PhyMed last June as the Chief Business Development Officer, I knew that the anesthesia service that existed was a market leader.  Little did I know what I would find as I peeled back the onion.  Time and time again, the innovative service that has been developed over the past 20 years shows the attention to quality and customer service that made our platform practice a sought after solution.  What more could a sales guy want?

Convincing hospital C-Suites to transition an anesthesia group is an extremely difficult undertaking.  If a wrong decision is made, it can change the course of a healthcare facility executive’s career.  A proven track record and satisfied customers are key to setting these executive’s minds at ease and greatly facilitate the potential success of an opportunity.

Everyone involved in building PhyMed and its family of companies should be very proud of the service and reputation they have created over the years.

It is not just my opinion:

  • St. Thomas Hospital for Spinal Surgery – services began on May 15th.  They were seeking a scalable service that could keep up with the Hospital’s mission and goals.  They expected (and received) the highest level of service available in the market.
  • Horizon Medical Center – services began on June 30th.  They were seeking complete and efficient coverage of their surgical and obstetric service line.  They expected (and received) an efficient, high quality service and were able to decrease their cost.
  • Greenview Regional Hospital – services began on July 1st.  They were seeking a group that could keep up with the surgical growth expected and wanted the ability to retain their existing anesthesia providers, at the same time reducing costs.  They expected (and received) a service that incorporated their current providers, provided a strategy for growth and reduced anesthesia related costs.
  • Franklin Surgery Center – projected start date July 28th.  Franklin Endoscopy Center is becoming a multi-specialty surgery center and need a high quality anesthesia service that has extensive experience in an ASC setting with providers who are familiar with the Center’s surgeons.  They expect (and will receive) an anesthesia service consisting of anesthesia providers who are familiar with the surgeons, understand the unique needs of a surgery center, and could help build the clinical infrastructure.

PhyMed continues to seek opportunities to improve the quality, customer service and efficiency of anesthesia and critical care services across the country.  We started in Tennessee in 2012 and have since entered Pennsylvania and Kentucky.  As the recognition of the PhyMed name continues to grow and the word out of our value added service gets out, we expect to be a very busy business development department.