EHR Corner

By Ryan Dorr, VP of Information Technology

EHR actively being used at Franklin Surgery Center, Skyline, Horizon and the entire Centennial campus, Centennial surgery center and Greenview as well as Summit. The latest release has been pushed to all devices Upgrades include having running totals for meds and fluids visible on your charting screen, smoother transition for taking over a case from another provider, and improved user interface which reduces the number of “touches” required to document each case. We continue to receive requests and implement changes to improve the application. Along with it you no longer need to log out of Medaxion when being relive of a case. We are making transition from personal emails to company emails to support enhanced communication.

Enhancements in next release 4.1 (fourth quarter of 2014) will include pre-op documentation for cases in the future and also documentation for cases in the past for post-op rounding. One other feature included will be the ability to pull up patient demographics from prior cases to reduce data entry. Bring up Williamson Medical Center in Q4.

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