What We Believe:
Trusted Partner

Success in a challenging healthcare environment requires a new perspective from a trusted partner on the cutting edge of practice with a reputation for continuous innovation. With 20-plus years of recognized expertise and over 350 clinicians, PhyMed offers our partners validated success and a customer service culture guided by proven and well-defined processes and procedures.

PhyMed’s value-added service aligns with the mission, goals and values of each partner. Dedicated to continuous improvement in both quality and service, PhyMed actively works with stakeholders to provide value-driven solutions to produce the best possible outcomes for PhyMed partners and their patients.

PhyMed is committed to compliance and ethical standards in all areas of practice. PhyMed’s Chief Clinical Compliance Officer, along with a Compliance Committee and Internal Revenue Cycle Team, adheres to a strict and comprehensive compliance structure. This structure includes internal and external annual chart audits and periodic form updates to reflect current regulations.